The 20th Takeda Science Foundation Symposium on Bioscience


February 1
  Sesson 1
Non-coding RNA
Circular RNAs
Ling-Ling Chen
Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Inc RNAs that regulate mitotic spindle formation and chromosome segregation in human cells
Daiju Kitagawa
National Institute of Genetics, Japan
CRISPR-Cas Biology, Mechanism and Application
Erik Sontheimer
University of Massachusetts Medical School, U.S.A.
piRNA biogenesis and functions
Mikiko C. Siomi
The University of Tokyo, Japan
Mechanisms of post-transcriptional gene regulation and RNA biogenoms in human cells
Thomas Tuschl
The Rockefeller University, U.S.A.
  Sesson 2
Protein Synthesis and Quality Control
Translational Quality Control
Jonathan Weissman
University of California, San Francisco, U.S.A.
Ribosome modification and translational quality control
Toshifumi Inada
Tohoku University, Japan
The complex relationship between the nascent polypeptide chain and the ribosome
Roland Beckmann
University of Munich, Germany
Translational control of cancer and neurodevelopmental disease
Nahum Sonenberg
McGill University, Canada
micro RNA Decay
Lynne E. Maquat
University of Rochester Medical Center, U.S.A.
Modern RNA Biology
Angela K. Eggleston
Nature, U.S.A.

February 2
  Sesson 3
RNA Chemistry
CryoEM snapshots of the spliceosome provide insights into the mechanism of pre-mRNA splicing
Kiyoshi Nagai
MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, U.K.
Metabolic regulation of RNA modification associated with human disease
Tsutomu Suzuki
The University of Tokyo, Japan
Regulatory functions of RNA modifications
Gideon Rechavi
Tel Aviv University, Israel
  Sesson 4
RNA in Medical Biology
microRNA Regulation
V. Narry Kim
Seoul National University, Korea
An Emerging Landscape of Transcriptome Complexity
Piero Carninci
RIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Sciences, Japan
Regulatory RNA & single cell sequencing
Nikolaus Rajewsky
Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine, Germany
RNA binding protein and inflammation
Shizuo Akira
Osaka University, Japan
Genome regulation by long noncoding RNAs
Howard Y. Chang
Stanford University School of Medicine, U.S.A.
  Sesson 5
RNA in Therapeutics
Translational Control of Neurologic Disease
Joel D. Richter
University of Massachusetts Medical School, U.S.A.
exRNA as a novel diagnostic and therapeutic target for cancer
Takahiro Ochiya
National Cancer Center Research Institute, Japan
Targeted antisense therapy for spinal muscular atrophy
Adrian Krainer
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, U.S.A.