Although a vast majority of the genome is transcribed, mRNAs that encode for proteins account for a small proportion of these transcripts and the majority are non-coding. Recent advances in the functional characterization of non-coding RNAs have made a great impact on the life sciences. Non-coding RNAs are involved in the regulation of a variety of biological events including gene transcription, RNA processes, protein localization, modulation of RNA stability, translation and so on. The emergence of next-generation sequence analyses has led to the identification of novel and rare non-coding RNA transcripts. The advent of cryo-electron microscopy has enabled us to visualize dynamic features of ribosomes during the translation process.

The 20th Takeda Science Foundation Symposium on Bioscience will deal with post-transcriptional gene regulation, particularly focusing on non-coding RNAs, translational regulation and RNA binding proteins. Leading researchers will gather from all over the world and discuss the latest progress in this field.

On behalf of the organizing committee, we cordially invite you to attend the symposium to exchange ideas and expertise with top scientists in this field.
We look forward to seeing you in Osaka in February 2019.

The 20th Takeda Science Foundation Symposium on Bioscience
Organizing Committee

Chair: Shizuo Akira / Professor, Osaka University, Japan

Toshifumi Inada / Professor, Tohoku University, Japan

Mikiko C. Siomi/ Professor, The University of Tokyo, Japan